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Xender is one of the tools used for sharing files of different sizes and different formats on Android, iOS and Windows-based devices. The app can also share files between phones and PCs and smart TVs. The data transmission occurs without cables or Wi-Fi or any internet connections from vidmate app and without any mobile data charges.

Xender App Download APK Latest Version for Android - hightechjigsaw

Xender was launched in 2011 and now the cross-platform file sharing service has amassed 700+ million users. It has more than 100 million transfers happening daily through it. As one of the most downloaded apps for data sharing across devices, it has been continuously placed in the top 5 most downloaded apps on play store.

The Xender app has everything you need in a file sharing app, plus it has some extra features too.

Lightning speed – It has the speed 200 times faster than Bluetooth. The lightning speed makes the data instantly go from one device to another, saving a lot of time of the users. The highest speed can even reach 40Mb per second. You can transfer your party video, family videos and other large important big files in seconds.

Secure connection – There is absolutely no need for USB cable connection and PC software installation. The USB cable connection has several unreliabilities as when it disconnects between the transfers the sender has to send the complete data again. The Data transferred on the Xender app, on the other hand, if failed in between, resumes from where it stopped.

Supports each file format – The diversity of data format it supports is mind-blowing. You can send Music, Apps, Videos, GIFs, Documents, and every other file format via 9apps download. This app supports sharing of every format of the file. The smart sliding feature sends the pictures from your device to your friend’s device with a swipe.

Move everything old phone to the new one – You can also use its Smartphone replication technology. It means you can move all your music, videos, apps, and every other file from your old phone to your new phone. This comes as a handy technique and thus and assures you not to worry about moving the data separately.

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File manager – The app also comes with a file manager which enables you to move, delete or view the received files and making a backup of it before cleaning your storage. The inbuilt media player allows the users to play their music and videos seamlessly. The apps on your friend’s devices can be yours with the help of Xender connection. You can copy the apps to your device which are installed on your friend’s device connected to your network.

Beautiful Interface – The user interface is quite smooth and clean and without any unnecessary advertisements. You can quickly browse what you need to find with this app which comes with minimalistic design.

Various languages support – It supports multiple languages includes English, Arabic, Chinese, Bengali, Vietnamese, German, Italian, French, Spanish etc.

If you are looking for an app which transfers the data with flash speed then this is a must-have app for you.

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