Where to sell used mobile phone and get instant cash Hightechjigsaw

Whether you are in need of some extra cash or simply want to get rid of your old gadget, selling it is the best thing you can do. First of all there are plenty of options available these days to sell used mobile phone. Secondly it is much easier than ever given the rise of technology. While earlier even the thought of selling your old phones or laptops seemed like a hassle now you can easily do it with just few clicks.

Where to sell used mobile phone and get instant cash Hightechjigsaw

Whether it is about listing your product for sale or getting a quote, the ease and the simplicity offered by these websites is just amazing. Don’t believe it? It’s time to give them a try. Dig that graveyard of discarded electronics, find all the old and unused phones languishing at the bottom of your drawer and list them for sale. You will get some easy cash as soon as you find the buyer. Moreover stashing your old gadgets also adds to environment problems. So you should always look for more responsible ways to dispose them off. Here are some places where you can sell your old mobile phone easily and earn some instant cash in return.

  1. Facebook marketplace

Launched in 2016, Facebook marketplace has made buying and selling extremely easy for the users. It is both easier and faster compared to other such platforms. You can create listings as well as browse them while on the move. That’s not all. Facebook marketplace is the best when it comes to security. So if you concerned about the safety this is the best place for you. While many such websites allow total anonymity between buyers and sellers Facebook marketplace is directly connected to the Facebook profiles of both buyers and seller thus allowing more trust among those involved. Also, given the large number of users it increases the chance that you will find a buyer for your product.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is another wonderful place to sell your old mobile phones and laptops etc. All you have to do is to create an account, find the sell on Amazon button and make a listing of the product you want to sell. The easy to use feature along with the transparency offered by it makes it a favorite among users. Besides, here you can sell all sorts of products here including old and used mobile phones. However, the website follows some rules the sellers are supposed to follow.

  1. Togofogo

Togofogo is an online marketplace exclusively dedicated to buying and selling mobiles and tablets that are certified used, certified refurbished and box-opened. All the products sold here are put through a rigorous quality check process thus helping users build trust. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Togofogo is that it has created a convenient pan India market for those who want to buy or sell old and used mobile phones. It further eliminates the city-wise price disparity for certified used phones unlike platforms such as Quikr and Ola. So if you have been wondering where can you sell your pre-owned mobile phone this is your go-to place. All you have to do is to register yourself and agree to the terms and conditions to make a listing of your old and used mobile phone. Togofogo not only enhances your prospects of selling it also offers you least hassle when it comes to finding a buyer for your product. So far it has facilitated the sale of around 350,000 phones since its inception.

  1. Cashify

Cashify is another place that deals in used mobile phones. In order to get started all you have to do is to register yourself, search for the product you want to sell and describe its condition to make a listing. You will soon get a quote based on the conditions you have mentioned while listing it. After the initial process is over, Cashify sends a representative at your home that performs diagnostic checks on your gadget and offers you the cash. As it goes Cashify doesn’t only offer an extremely easy and hassle free process, it also offers a higher value for your old mobile phone as compared to other similar websites. There is also an app offered by Cashify which can check some of the important features of your mobile including camera and Bluetooth module etc. to help you get an idea about the condition of your mobile.


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