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Dropbox is basically a cloud service which lets you store all your data/files on a cloud storage. Over the years Dropbox has effectively minimised its flaws and has created a place in the market. Dropbox came in 2007 and delivers a fast solution with file sync capabilities. There is a facility to share folders with non dropbox users and can be a default storage location for automatically saving Microsoft office files. Dropbox currently supports Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and Mac OS. However you can use any compatible web browser to access your files on dropbox from any computer.

Dropbox Features:

  • Access your data from anywhere. Use any device like computer, Phones or tablets to access and change your files.
    The changes will automatically sync across all devices.
  • Send files to anyone. Even a non dropbox user.
  • Comes with Paper a free product from Dropbox. Paper is a kind of collaborative workspace that can be shared by a group of people.
  • Comes with Dropbox Showcase. Files in the dropbox can be presented beautifully on a packaged page with the help of Showcase.
  • Dropbox also comes with Dropbox Business, which helps you to organise company files at a central location. There are admin controls
    available to track team activity and access.
  • Dropbox can be connected to a variety of tools and apps which you use daily like Slack, Adobe, VMware, etc.
  • Dropbox promises advanced safety and security of your data.

A Dropbox Basic account comes free and includes 2 GB to 5 GB of space.

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