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‘The only thing permanent in world is change’, this age old oxymoron seems to be the trend of the town as far as the tech giants are concerned, after recent policy changes by Facebook and Google, Twitter has now joined hands in its new ‘Embarrassment policy’. Twitter’s product manager Sam Toizer took it to company’s official blog to state’s that:

“When we determine that a Tweet violates the Twitter Rules, we require the violator to delete it before they can Tweet again”.

Now, once we’ve required a Tweet to be deleted, we will display a notice stating that the Tweet is unavailable because it violated the Twitter Rules along with a link to the Rules and an article that provides more detail on how we enforce our rules.”

Twitter policy tweaks - twitter trending - twitter trending hashtags - twitter trump - Hightechjigsaw

Until now whenever an offensive tweet was made by a famous twitter user, Twitter had to take down the tweet after massive public outrage on the site, but still it was difficult for normal people to find out whether any action has been taken against the offender or not. However, with their new policy Twitter will make sure that that the offender’s profile is highlighted with a message stating that a tweet been taken down as it violates Twitter official policy.

Twitter policy tweaks – Will it stop the Trolls?

This message will be displayed on the offender’s profile as well as on the place of the tweet for 14 days after deletion of the tweet and along with the message they would be a link when clicked, will show the official rules of Twitter.

Twitter’s officials belief that highlighted message stating that the user is a violator of Twitter’s policy will induce some sort of embarrassment phenomenon, which will help Twitter eradicate the controversial tweets that have been maligning the image of this microblogging site.

The extremely popular microblogging site Twitter has often been turned into a Battleground by religious and political Psychopaths and had been often seen as something that can potentially damage the fabrics of society. From Feminist, left wingers right wingers, to Trump supporters and Trump haters god knows how many differentially polarized sections of society come together on Twitter to express their opinion and their so called opinion often turn into ‘below the belt remarks’ which are enough to create ruckus in Real world.

Many people believe that social media or the virtual world that will live in has become a Real threat to innocent people, cases of which has been seen in the past where people have been beaten badly because of fake messages and tweets circulated on different social sites.

In the light of the recent events, the policy change by Twitter is seen as a positive step in the direction of making social media safe place for its users but its effects yet to be seen, we can only hope that it curbs online abuse.

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