It will not be wrong if we say smartphones have become a part of our daily lives. We rely on them as if we can’t live without them and at some point, it is really true. From a simple message to our loved ones to important business messages, smartphones are the one we completely rely on. Maybe they were built for communication purposes but not any longer. Instead, we keep our valuable and sensitive information on smartphones, don’t we? Let us think, in the present world full of hackers, is our information really safe? If you are here wandering over the same question, you are at the right place. Let us have a look at the top free antivirus and security Apps available for Android.

Top Free Antivirus And Security Apps For Android:

  1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

A remarkable security app and probably the best antivirus app for Android, Kaspersky picks up malware with a 99.9% detection rate. If you are looking for free android antivirus app, you are certainly wasting your time if you are not using this app. Kaspersky has both a free version and a paid one for premium features. The free version scans malware and viruses whereas the paid one with the premium features anti-theft, anti-protection, an app lock and a lot more. While leaving the paid one, the free version also can be of great use. If you are looking for the protection of your smart phone against malware and viruses, you should probably give Kaspersky a go.

  1. Avast Mobile Security

With over 100 million downloads from Play Store, Avast Security app has protected a lot of users worldwide at different platforms. This app scans for infected apps and Trojans providing complete protection against the virus. It does have some in-purchases which will help you remove the ads and gets you the app locking facility. It does consist of certain extra advanced features featuring SIM security, camera and more.

  1. Norton Security And Antivirus

The latest version of Norton security offers really impressive Android security featuring even a free version. Providing an awesome malware and virus detecting app for absolutely free makes this app really impressive. It does remove the Android virus, malware or spyware. It automatically locks down the phone to prevent data theft and consists of other great feature. This app can be of great use. Norton Security app is for sure one of the most reliable antivirus apps for Android.

  1. Security Master

Security Master is a reliable app from the Play Store with some good reviews. It has got a considerable number of downloads. It protects your smartphone from all sorts of malware and makes sure that your smart phone stays virus free. It does have other security features including junk-cleaner, CPU cooler, call blocker and many more making it an important antivirus app. This app can for sure be of great use.

  1. #360 Security

One of the most common apps being used by many, 360 Security protects your smart phone by providing many decent features including junk cleaner, anti-theft protection, screen locker and many more. This app is trusted by many users and has a considerable number of downloads on the Play Store. This app is one of the best antivirus apps if you don’t want to pay a penny for the security of your smartphone.

  1. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is a software tool developed by AVG Technologies. It does have an app featuring some of the most advanced features for smartphone security. It provides features like RAM booster, WIFI security, junk cleaner, screen locker and more. However, some of the best features of this app are available for just 14 days trial.

  1. DFNDR Security

DFNDR Security is one of those apps that keeps your smartphone performance well optimized. It is a phone protection app along with some features. It is one of the top-rated apps for smartphone security. It does save helps in saving background data. However, the ads can be a bit disturbing. Overall, this app can be your pick if don’t really care about the ads.

  1. Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security app is an awesome app featuring various protective features for your smartphone. The best part of it is that it doesn’t display any kinds of ads. It protects your smartphone from malware, does web filtering, provides app locking feature, block authentic calls and includes all other basic features of an antivirus app. It even scans malicious URLs. This app can be your pick.

Realizing the fact that smartphones plays a key role for in our life considering both practical and private life, it becomes really important to protect them from virus, hackers or any kind of theft. The above-mentioned apps can for sure be your right pick if you are well-considered over your smartphones protection.

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