Top five productivity apps for Android - Trello - IFTTT - Evernote - Onenote - Hightechjigsaw

“Don’t keep your eyes and fingers stuck on that super expensive super thick 6 inches brick that emits a bright light good enough to damage your cornea permanently”. That’s a common rant most teenagers get to hear from their parents nowadays (well, might not come in that sophisticated language), and most of us use a common line of defence to explain our parents, that is, this phone of mine is just not a super cool tech to waste my time, I can do a lot of things using this that make my day more productive.

Top five productivity apps for Android - Trello - IFTTT - Evernote - Onenote - Hightechjigsaw

I wish that it should have been the truth, but sadly it isn’t, most of us know that we are simply wasting our time on social media taking a sneak peek in someone else’s life, so to make our phones, which have become an inseparable part of our life, truly productive; I present to you in no particular order top five applications present on Google’s play store.

  • Trello

Designed and developed by the company of the same name Trello is a smart solution to organise your daily schedule and to-do list.

With the help of Trello you can create boards to organise whatever you are working on, Add checklist to your to-do list, Invite friends and fellow co workers to collaborate with them. You can Even attach files from your Google drive or Dropbox.

Trello is completely free to download and does not uses ads or any other monetization method to earn revenue.

  • Microsoft to do list

Don’t miss out on any meeting or event with the help of Microsoft to do list.

You can use this application to make schedule, Create a to-do list and even add sub tasks to the main tasks to make it more actionable.  Once installed MS to do list will greatly reduce your stress levels and make your day more productive.

Being a Microsoft product give this app one more benefit of integrating it with Microsoft’s onenote which is quite similar to this application.

Just like trello is free to download and will not charge you any money for using it.


IFTTT stands for ‘If this then that ‘  it is quite popular among bloggers and content creators. You can create applets with IFTTT, that will help you in sharing the stuff you have just published. Let’s say you have connected IFTTT with facebook and twitter so when you publish your post it will automatically share it with the connected social media accounts.

This app can come in handy in a lot situations considering how important and stressful Sharing your work on social media is.

It can be connected with more  than 600 services which makes it very usable and gives it a very wide functionality.

This was just one example from the wonders you can do on IFTTT for more information visit

  • Evernote

Another very popular productivity application in the list, Evernote can be used as an activity planner, a scheduler and most importantly a notebook.

It can be used by almost everyone be it a student or working class individual anyone can benefit from this app. You can even sync your notes and lists on your phone, tablet and PC. It is not free though, You can use basic plan for free but it limits you in a lot of aspects. If you happened to purchase it you will Get 10GB of cloud storage, sync to any number of devices and many more perks.

Using the premium version of Evernote will cost 8 dollars a month or 70 Dollars a year.

  • Microsoft OneNote

Another Microsoft product to the list, you can use onenote to draw, write, type, make notes and much  more.

If you are a student you can use it to make notes, use it as a diary and plan your next assignment with it, Others can use it for brainstorming projects, taking important points from a meeting or collaborating with a colleague for more productivity.

It is very similar to Evernote but the benefit of using onenote is it’s completely free. You will not be hindered to use this product in any way you are free to download and use it  for lifetime without paying a single penny.

So this wraps up my list of top five applications of play store, do comment down your experiences with these apps and keep following us to make your day technologically productive.

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