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It is very well-known that it is very hard for parents to maintain a good combination of real life and tech. There are certain websites and apps that are developed for providing educational but in the form of games.

Some of the popular websites are considered very addictive. With gamification, dynamic lights, stunning sound effects, and regular level ups, the kids surely wish to visit it again and again. The mindset of the kids is raised, and at the same time, they enjoy their leisure time in fun activities.

In case your children are very much involved in the technological gadgets, and you are always worried about what they are watching online, then you can get assured as there are several apps and sites developed by parenting experts and teachers.

Well, you can relax now as we have done all the hard work for you. Here are the top educational websites that accumulate the best informative videos, adventurous brain-boosting games & activities so that your children are in the fields of entertainment and education simultaneously.

  1. FunBrain

FunBrain is an educational website that is interactive and fun. There are numerous fun activities, intellectual stuff, gaming stuff, and informative products available on fun brain. Due to the top-notch content and information, FunBrain is enlisted in our article depicting the best educational apps and websites.

There is everything of all age groups especially for 1 to 13. The effective gameplay is supported by great graphics. When your kids get involved with FunBrain, it would be hard to stop them. Visit FunBrain here.

  1. Starfall

Starfall is also a famous educational as well as the entertaining website. Starfall is there to teach your kids as they have manifold varieties of in various classifications such as maths, writing, and reading etc. There is a very easy to understand screenplay which is accompanied by dynamic and attractive graphics. The key focus is emphasized on learning, rather than just focusing on gaming. There are various versions available such as a downloadable app, desktop version etc.

  1. National Geographic Kids

Nat geokids is also entitled in the list of best websites that are offering educational apps and games. The content of this website suitable to be accessed by kids lying in the age group of 10 years and above. This offering is very big on education and is fully packed with the best available information regarding the whole world, from Russia to the exploration of life at Mars, to early man and every other thing. In other words, it is similar to an online magazine which is full or educational stuff.

  1. NASA Kids’ Club

This offering can be accessed on Nasa’s website and it ideal for all the children who are space enthusiasts. We can bet on this that your young won’t get bored with this one. The game plays at this site are assisted with the help of Adobe Flash Player. Nasa team is very near to building a mobile app for the same.

  1. HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks is ideal for kids above 12 as it contains all the information regarding school projects and holiday homework. There are many things available on their website such as interesting questions, for example, is Pluto still a planet or not, etc. Various other motivating facts are there at the website.

  1. Shaun the Sheep Game Academy

This is also a free offering as like the others enlisted in this article. This is an educational website that will help your children learn the basics of coding the games with the aid of Scratch software.

Coding is now becoming an elementary tool and many schools have started including skill coding in their core curriculum. When you get to enrich the coding skills, you will improve certain qualities such as problem-solving, uniqueness, creative mindset etc. These qualities of your children will surely be pushed to their peak limits, and even they can choose it as their career in their later stage of life.

  1. Discovery Mindblown

Discovery mindblown includes the best of informative videos, family oriented videos, entertaining articles with a message, brain developing games, and e-books. Nat Geo for kids is very well-known for its educational content while Discovery Mindblown is big on edutainment. The videos are similar to a high-quality movie that offers education and entertainment at the same time.

What else you can ask from the pioneers of this field, i.e. Discovery. It will be very shocking and surprising if your child gets bored with the content of this offering, as it is mainly focused on a video format which is more concerned to provide entertainment.

When investigating into the surfing histories of your kids, it is important to tell them the proper sites to visit so that they get the best content in your monitoring. Do make sure that you tell your children about these websites.

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