Top Apps for Parents to Spy on their Teenagers

Twenty-one century is a century of technical gadgets and internet. In this Era, life has become so busy that we are unable to spend time with our loved ones and even cannot give time to our offsprings. Instead, we introduce them with the latest gadgets, not for the only reason that they cope up with the latest technologies but also, they remain busy and do not feel lonely.

Top Apps for Parents to Spy on their Teenagers

Every coin has two sides that i.e. every thing has merits and demerits so we cannot neglect the demerits of the latest smartphones and internet. Teenage is the life period where everyone tends to get influenced by adultery, but by using this latest technology like smartphones, they sometimes not only harm themselves but also can take a wrong step in their life.

Sharing personal content on social media is also at peaks nowadays. Due to lack of awareness in kids, they suffer a lot sometimes. As their personal images can be edited and used in the wrong manner this may affect the mental health of the kids. Parents remain unaware of all these things, and they get to know after their kids have undergone all these problems.

Therefore, to reduce these situations there are some following apps which keep the track and control the activities of our kids.


This app is not a tracker app but yes it does control the teen’s online life. Online life here refers to the website of shopping, gambling, playing, liquor, dating and chat sites. Some websites are designed such that our kids get attracted towards them without knowing its harmful effects, so this basically blocks these kinds of websites. Some games named suicide games collect the personal information from its user and then uses it to blackmail them. You can also block the adult, sexual, weapon and violence content online. Brainwashing and creating violence are also at peaks nowadays. So, this app is absolutely apt to avoid such circumstances.


It is the most popular app used worldwide which can perform multiple tasks like the record of calling, texting, contacts details, apps used and also the GPS location. Keeping the record of all these things makes us feel good and keep us in a good state than knowing nothing about our kid. Moreover, we can correct them at the right time by guiding them. Majority of people agree that they regret what they did in their teenage. So, to avoid this situation of our kids this app is fully packed with features.

The Phone Sheriff:

Sheriff is basically the synonym to cop and the software act as a cop for the one’s phone. Basically, you can set time limits for the phone to be used by your kids, and after that particular time the software will close the phone and can even lock the phone. This is very useful for the kids who are getting mobile addicted and are not leaving the phone even on multiple warnings. Along with setting this time constraint you can also block incoming or outgoing calls, block other apps which you find are not suitable, monitor text messages and other alerts on phone and can also track the location of the user. All these features can really help parents who are uncomfortable for their kids regarding this techno-gadget.


Every parent is worried about his kids if they are going outdoors. This worry becomes more if they are on the vehicle. Parents always feel cramped especially in the teenage period of their kids when they are outdoors. This feeling continues for mothers until her children reach Often kids drive rashly for their thrilling and adventurous experience. So, to keep the track of their driving speeds and to warn them regarding speed, this app is very useful. Along with the warning messages it also gives the location of the user so that you can know the places they are visiting and can also be helpful in case if there is some emergency. This app also allows you to monitor the social media, texts and call details and various other activities of your kid.

The Spy Bubble:

This is another popular app, used for tracking all the activities on phone. What if you are already aware of the things your partner, kids or your employees doing on their devices. Yes, you can control or stop them at an early stage from taking some wrong step. You can even control the activities of employees on the company’s mobile and what do they think about you and your company, you can even protect the intellectual rights of your company. You can keep the track location of your kids that which place they are visiting are they attending their classes or not? What is their friend circle? All these tasks can be performed by this software.

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