Top 9 News Apps for iPhone and Android

Gone are the days when to read the news you have to either go through a newspaper or watch TV news channels. With the advancement in Smartphone technologies, news companies have made it possible to bring all the latest happenings on your Smartphone.  Reading news on your phone using news apps has many benefits as compared to the newspaper, time-saving being the best one. Also, one can customize the news according to their choices and preferences in these news apps. With these benefits, more people are shifting on the mobile platforms to get their daily dose of general awareness.

Top 9 News Apps for iPhone and Android

However, when it comes to choosing an app for news, not all the apps are genuine or time-saving. So in this article, we have compiled a list of the best news app for iPhone and Android in 2018.

  • The New York Times:

Effectively one of the world’s most famous news sources, the New York Times’ application contains all that you expect from a news application and is packed with features like breaking news alerts, offline news, and social media sharing. Other than that, it has a couple of highlights you won’t discover on other news apps. It is the addition of the augmented reality, allowing the user to track their favorite superstars like the FIFA players, Olympic athletes, etc. the shortcoming of the app is that it isn’t free. To maintain its quality of content, the app will cost you $130 for a year which will give unlimited access to all the news articles, photos, and videos. The app is available on both the platforms.

  • Flipboard:

It made another sort of app-based reading experience and aims to provide the user with the most energizing stories of the day utilizing a magazine-style taste that implores you to simply continue flipping. Several distributions are accessible on the newsreader, and Flipboard offers a liberal number of topics. In this way, regardless of whether you’re extensively into tech and innovation, or need to know the most recent Marvels news, Flipboard has got it all for you. This app is also available on both the platforms.

  • Apple News:

It comes preloaded on each Apple gadget. The News application puts a major spotlight on pictures and videos, and news companies, for example, The New York Times and National Geographic have collaborated with the app to provide genuine and accurate content. To save your time, you can customize the category of news that you want to read. The app is available for Android users only.

  • BuzzFeed:

It surprised the world with its informative and viral fun content, and then moved forward to make waves with some genuinely quality news coverage. The application merges everything in one place and enables you to modify the sorts of articles you see to match your likings. You can browse its menu to select what category of news you want to read and save those settings. You can download this app from both the play store and the app store.

  • Google News:

It is the trade for Google Play Newsstand, and it’s just as cleaned and smooth as you may anticipate. Google gets it news from sources all around the world, and therefore gives you the power to choose from a wide variety of news publications. The application can edit lengthy news in short briefings to save your time, or you can tap Full Coverage to get everything without editing. Also, you can spare a story or download particular distributions for perusing later. Also, with the upcoming technology of machine learning, the app will automatically produce better results for you in the future.

  • AP Mobile:

Associated Press gather news from all around the globe, with a tremendous group of committed news reporters that collect news in all the categories. Its simple UI is the best part of the app. It aims to provide you news without any context so you can have your own perceptions of the things happening around. The app is available on both the platforms (Android and the iOS).

  • Appy Geek:

In case that you are a technology nerd, there is an app, specially designed for tech nerds like you. Appy Geek exists in that specific specialty, offering tech-based articles pulled from sites and sources from around the globe. One can subscribe to its daily digest or just scroll through the app each morning to get your daily dose of new and upcoming tech innovations. Also, it allows you to add a homepage widget so you can read news directly there and if you are a gamer or loves reading about gaming technologies and events, there is another app named Appy Gamer for you. This app is also available on both the Google’s play store and the Apple’s app store.

  • SmartNews:

The name is somewhat pretentious, yet SmartNews has the sturdiness to back it up. The application examines trending stories and organizes them, aiming to give you the most relatable content. It intends to give you the news in a minute, with a simple UI and an algorithm that is great at uncovering fresh news according to your likings. The app is available for free on the play store and the app store.

  • Feedly:

This app was launched after the shutdown of the Google Reader. The news aggregator saw a gigantic flood of new users after the shutdown and has since enhanced its mobile app to make it easier to bookmark, save and share articles. You can choose different publications, and then sort them into subjects. It also allows you to save articles for future references. You can download the app from the play store and the app store for free.

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