Top 3 not much talked about but extremely useful android applications

Do you know that there are a lot of applications on the play store that are extremely useful but don’t get the limelight or popularity they deserve? The reasons may be anything from inefficient marketing to sheer lack of luck. So, in this article we are going to look at 3 different applications that can come in handy in a lot of situations but are not usually talked about.

  1. TvTap

TvTap is a completely free application which allows you to watch a wide variety of channel and TV programmes in different genres free of cost. Yes, you read that right you need not pay a single penny to use TvTap every service provided by them is completely free of cost. No matter in which region you are TvTap will take care of it, from channels like HBO to CNN to Animal Planet almost every channel is ready to be streamed on it. Football, Cricket, Baseball you just name the sport all are available on TvTap.

Top 3 not much talked about but extremely useful android applications

A very smooth and elegant design which is user-friendly, a favourites tab which keeps a record of all the shows and channels you watch and the ability to Chromecast your streams gives it a very wide functionality.  Talking about its compatibility, it is compatible on almost all android devices which includes tablets, boxes and even on the fire tv stick.

Installing TvTap can be a bit of a process because it is unavailable on Google Play Store, it can however be downloaded from their official website (

Even after downloading the application you can have issues with its installation the very common issue is when Android fails to download the application because it came from an unknown source. In that case, you have to  open your device’s settings, then click on security settings and then tap on allow when it asks you to download from an unknown source.

2. KingRoot

KingRoot is a rooting application which is available for both windows and android that can be used to root your device which in simple term means pushing the device to its limits and unlocking it to its full potential. Rooting has its own advantages and disadvantages. While it can prove beneficial to some by increasing the device’s battery life, deleting bloatware and speeding It up. It has one major disadvantage that you will lose your warranty over that device and you will be responsible to loss in data which rooting causes.

As of now Kingroot supports more 100,000 models and has the most success rate. In their FAQ it is written that they haven’t received any case of a root failure and KingRoot has gone under strict security tests to ensure that there is no system failure in the future either. If you want to give rooting a try there are some tutorials present on their official website ( with which you can learn the basics of rooting and safely attempt it.

According to the Google’s play store policy any application promoting piracy, rooting and explicit content will be removed from the play store and since KingRoot promotes rooting you would not be able to find it on play store.

KingRoot can be downloaded from any third-party website or from their official website.

3. ZArchiver

A rather simple, easy to use and most importantly free application which helps you in compressing as well as extracting files in formats such as RAR and ZIP. ZArchiver is very light weight when compared to its rivals such as 7ZIP and RAR, it has an outdated and dark theme which can prove be a problem to some while it works great for others. I myself have used ZArchiver more than a few a few times and have never faced any issue whatsoever. Be it extracting a folder or compressing it ZArchiver works flawlessly. For added security you can even add passwords to your folders.

It supports one of the widest range of extensions which assures that you never refer to any other application for extracting. Unlike TvTap and KingRoot it is available on the play store and can be directly downloaded from there. It is compatible with almost all the android operating system other than Android Pie 9.0.  As of now Zarchiver has more than 10 million downloads to its name.

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