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In Manhattan, Google organized its annual hardware event  ‘Made by Google’ and unveiled three new products in which one of them being a smart display and home assistant similar to Amazon’s Alexa, a smartphone and a pixel book which is a laptop-tablet.

The event started with one of the product manager of Google talking about the huge role artificial intelligence is playing in our daily lives, how Google is doing a superb job in terms of security and the importance of digital wellbeing.

During the event, Google unveiled a smart display, Google Home Hub, which is a home assistant and will do all the things a smart assistant, does.

Made by Google - Hightechjigsaw

Google Home Hub

Talking about the Google Home Hub it is a 7 inch long smart display and home assistant which can do pretty much what its main rivals like previously mentioned Alexa can do like  playing media, answering questions, telling you about the weather, your schedule and so on.

In Addition to that, Google Home Hub integrates with several Google applications such as Google Assistant, Google Photos and YouTube to make it the smartest Home Assistant ever. The Google assistant works in such a way that it identifies who is speaking to it and will give results according to that with the inclusion of parental controls in it would omit all the explicit and not so children friendly content.

Made by Google - Hightechjigsaw

Google photos provides a live album feature that will show photos of a certain person in a slideshow, you need not worry about anything because the slides are selected by Assistant itself and it’ll show the best possible photos leaving all the blurry photos out. One can enjoy 6 months of YouTube music and YouTube premium with the purchase Google Home Hub.

Google has even designed an android application for Google Home Hub, which will show you status of your device. Smart features like Adaptive brightness called Ambient Eq, manual downtime and Titan Security makes the product the best of all the three products launched today.

Interestingly enough Google has decided not to include Camera in the Google home hub for “Privacy concerns” feels weird when Google talks about privacy and security. It is available in four different color variants and it supports 200 million brands, which makes it usable for the most part.

Google home hub is now available for pre-order and it costs 179$ which is pretty justified knowing how much it offers in that price range.


Google pixel slate

Pixel slate is a 12.3 inch laptop tablet, which runs on the Chromium OS, which is particularly designed for students, working class individuals and college goers.

Talking more about the Chrome OS, it has a new updated and rather simple user interface, offers split screen and automatically downloads the latest update meaning you will not have to worry about updating it every now and then.

Pixel slate has a rear and front camera both of 8 MP with portrait mode and a wide angle lens which comes in handy for taking selfies and pictures. However, you would not get any headphone jack in pixel slate; the excuse given by Google was people use Bluetooth headphones anyway.

Other than that, it comes with two USB port, keyboard connector, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Made by Google - Hightechjigsaw

For security measures, they have included a fingerprint sensor on the power button and all-new Titan Security protects it. The speakers of Google pixel slate are front facing meaning the Audio will be more focused toward the user rather than his neighbor, talking about its battery it is 48 KWHR 6 cell battery, which will give you 10 hours of uninterrupted playback which is a huge plus in any laptop.

Google pixel is powered Intel processors such Celeron, M3, i5 and i7 and is available variants of 4,8 and 16  GB RAM and different storage variants. The cheapest model costs 599$ and is powered by the 8th generation Intel Celeron processor, 4 GB RAM and 32 GB SSD storage.

A 699$ pixels book slate runs on Intel Celeron, 8 GB RAM and 64 GB Solid State Drive Storage, Then there is a 799 variant which runs an Intel m3 processor, 8 Gigs of RAM and 64 SSD storage.

To get an i5 version you will have to spend 999 dollars. It is powered by 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage which according to me is the best one is all the available variants.

If you happen to spend. 1600$ you’ll the latest i7 processor, 256 of SSD and 16 GB RAM which is quite costly and is not recommend considering you can get a much better and reliable MacBook or Surface in that price range. Talking about the keyboard you’ll have to spend 200 bucks to purchase It, When it comes to it usability it is simply the best a backlit keyboard which will give you a tactile and comfortable feeling while typing on it. Other than that, you can spend 100 bucks to get a Google pixel pen, which is just a regular stylus.

Considering the fact that you get the most expensive model of pixel book and then spend 200 on the keyboard, You’ll be spending 1800 bucks on something which does  not offers the best specs and doesn’t even run windows, Even though you can boot it up with Linux but still it’s no windows.

No matter how much you criticize it for being unsafe, it still is most used OS. For 1800 US dollars, you can get a much better windows machines or a fully-fledged MacBook with the best hardware.

My advice would be to wait for a price drop on Google pixel slate or do not purchase them at all, harsh but true.


Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are finally launched they are tagged at a price of 799$ and 899$ respectively. The only major difference between 3 and 3 XL is the screen size.

The Google pixel 3 is of 5.5 inch while the Pixel 3 XL is of 6.3 inch.

Specifications wise it runs on the latest Android Pie and has an octa core snapdragon 845, which happens to be the fastest snapdragon processor ever, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory. You will even get unlimited storage offered by Google photos.

The Pixel 3 series will be the first phone to feature YouTube Music a subscription-based service by Google.

Made by Google - Hightechjigsaw

When it comes to the camera Google has done a fantastic job A rear camera of 12.2 MP, 8 MP front camera along with tons of new features makes Pixel 3 and 3 XL a very capable device when it comes to taking photo. Features like top shot, will take the best possible shot at the best possible time to capture the perfect memory. Then we have Night shot that would be a much better alternative to take pictures at night rather than using a flash to do the same.

Addition of Google playground, which is Google version of like app, shows animated characters in your camera. They even have collaborated with marvel to have Avengers to have them in Google playground. By integrating the camera with Google Lens you can search, anything just keep its pictures in the frame of the camera.

Google pixel supports fast Charging and the device comes with 2915 MaH battery which guarantees a day’s Power. Still no headphone jack in the phone though.

There are three-color variations in which the phone is available they are Black, White and Not pink.According to Google these phones are created with the initiative of making it our own Google, we will only get to know that how successful they are only when they are shipped. Both the phones are to pre order now and shipping is only available for US market, the shipping will start worldwide as time passes by.

Along with the smartphone, they even unveiled a stand for it named Google pixel stand, which you can buy for 80 bucks from Google store, and unsurprisingly it is a stand for Google Pixel. It activates Google Assistant and live album features once the phone is placed on the stand.

So these were all the major launching that took place on Google’s event which one of them are you going to buy, What is your experience with the chrome OS or pixel books as a whole ? Your experience in the comment section will be highly appreciated.

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