How to Monitor iOS App Insights with Analysis Tools

The notion the development of a mobile app depends on many phases and its deployment is not where its lifecycle ends, as it is a continuous process. With the advancements in mobile app technology, the upsurge in app users is plainly evident. There exist over 3.8 million mobile apps in the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store, making it the second largest mobile app platform. Therefore, with millions of apps existing in the present time, the need to monitor and keep track of the updates in user behavior and preferences became important as well.

How to Monitor iOS App Insights with Analysis ToolsMany developers might not pay heed to it but app analytics play a crucial role in upgrading app features and observing the performance of any mobile app. Based on tracking and measuring app performance, app analytics help app developers in avoiding many pitfalls and shortcomings speculated in an app’s effectiveness. Knowing the number of downloads of an app is not the only valuable insight as an app’s success depends on several factors and downloads are only a trivial part of it.

Getting Started With IOS App Analysis

Actionable insights of a mobile app include user engagement, metrics, number of users, downloads and the revenue stream generated (if there is one). Analyzing these insights has been made easier with app analysis tools. There are many options available for tracking both the IOS and Android apps but when it comes to the IOS platform, it becomes a little taxing and challenging.

If you intend to create your app on the IOS platform then you need to be well aware of the escalation and updates in iPhone app development and its ever-changing trends, as monitoring the analytics of iPhone has become easier with these IOS analytics tools:

Google Analytics

Used on a global scale, Google Analytics is the most renowned analytics tool used for both app and web platforms. It is commonly used for desktop websites but is a good choice for mobile apps as well. What has made Google Analytics so popular is that it has an online learning platform known as Google Analytics Academy that assists users in getting familiar with the process of understanding app or web insights. With this tool, you can also measure key user metrics, monitor marketing strategies, user experience and engagement.


Firebase is an analytics tool that allows users to analyze event data, user insights and engagement with your mobile app. As Google Analytics is a better fit for desktop websites, Firebase is used mostly for analysis of solely mobile apps. Firebase is free for limited usages and has different pricing plans available. Developers tend to think that this tool would work better for Android apps but Firebase lets users not only monitor app insights but also serve as a tool for developing apps on any of your desired app platform.


Appsee is an all-inclusive analysis tool that lets users analyze touch heat maps. Whenever someone interacts with an app, Appsee records these interactions and helps you analyze the actions performed by people that used the app. The advantage of these recordings is that it makes it easier for you to monitor the familiarity of your users with the app interface and pinpoints the domains that need improvement or rework. Appsee is a powerful analysis tool, as it never compromises on any user performance and experience metrics. Heat maps, session recordings and even reports of user retention are displayed to you.

Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is a free-to-use analysis tool that works for not only IOS and Android platforms but also for Windows Phone, Blackberry and desktop websites. There are no data limits to using this tool and because of the facility to manage five mobile apps at one time; it is widely used by most developers. Flurry Analytics is mostly to monitor user behavior and the changes occurring in the performance of mobile apps. It can even identify various behavioral aspects such as lifestyle or game trends.


The entire process of iPhone app development is not as easy as it sounds. There are various aspects related to app monetization, optimization and most importantly the need to monitor any changes taking place in user behavior and app performance. The success of an IOS app lies in the proper utilization of these analysis tools. If used correctly, these app analysis tools have the power to optimize you app and retain maximum number of potential users.

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