Google updates the play store developer policy

Third party Applications not to have access to Phone call and SMS

Google updates the play store developer policy

Search engine giant Google unveiled three new products in their annual event 2018 ‘Made by Google‘. Before the event started the host for the event who happened to be the product manager of Google talked about how user security will a top priority for Google this year.

The statement was being referred to the major security bug in Google+ which resulted in the data loss of 5 million people and eventually Google decided take it down from Play Store and decided to shut it down for good.

He also talked about Play protect, which is a certificate given to the completely safe application on Google Play Store which ensures that people are only downloading application which are completely safe and are not dummy apps that steal your sensitive information.

Recently, Google took a huge step and removed UC browser from Play Store, the reason google had to take such a huge step  was UC browser being accused of data theft by many of its consumers. UC browser is however back on the play store with some major changes in its terms of service and permissions.

In addition to all the security measures Google took to ensure a secure environment, today they made some notable changes in their developer policy.

According to the blog posted on Google’s Android developer blog:

“All the applications requesting permission for call and SMS should be the default applications to perform those functions”.

For example if PayPal app asks for permission of contacts and Phone, it should be able to make a call and should be the default app to do the same.

This update will put an end to all the apps seeking for unnecessary permission for your Phone and not doing anything helpful with it , not for the users’ at least.

App developers are provided with an ultimatum of 90 days and the applications not complying with policies of Google and not making the required changes to their applications till January 6, 2019 will be directly removed from Google Play Store.

Google also stated that they are collaborating with different developers and is helping them to adjust with the new policies. The post also said that in the coming months Google will roll out some necessary updates to Google Play Store to make a secure android  ecosystem.

It can be concluded that the security breach in Google+ has shook Google to the core and they are really concerned about their user security .

Some applications like my Jio, Paytm and Swiggy demand access to your phone, SMS and contact list. So it would be interesting to see what changes are made to these apps and how does it affects the user experience as a whole.

Some people are concerned about the functionality of applications after the update rolls out whereas there are some people who are appreciating Google for taking such a step, what it your take on the entire incident?

Let us know in comments.

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