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23+ Free websites like 123movies to watch TV shows and Movies Online

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123movies is a website which provides you all the latest movies and TV Series for online streaming and you can visit 123movies to download them for free. Apart from all these good features and good content, the major problem with 123movies is that they change their domain name frequently resulting in problem finding the site again.  And even if you find the site, they have a lot of pop up ads which can create disturbance while you are watching the movie or any of your favorite TV show.

But no need to worry, there are a lot many other sites than 123movies, which provide you the same features as 123movies does.

Some of the websites listed here may not be available in your country due to local restrictions. A trustworthy VPN or VPN extensions for Chrome can be used to unblock these websites.

Read on to find 22+ similar websites as 123movies to watch TV shows and Movies online for free.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can fulfill all your entertainment needs at one place. Sites like 123movies provide a lot of movies and TV shows for free, but they are illegal and can be a security threat.

Amazon Prime offers HD quality original movies and TV shows. You can watch all your favourite movies easily. The interface is easy to navigate and it even saves viewing progress. You can start watching your favourite movies exactly from the point where you left off. On top of that it is free from ads.. 🙂


Not only latest entertainment, you get fastest possible delivery options for amazon inventory exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Sometimes i had products delivered at my doorstep in 24 hours only.

Amazon Prime can be your one stop solution for watching movies, listening to music, reading books and fast delivery options.

Experience for yourself and try 30-day free trial today. I am sure you are never going anywhere else once you experience Amazon Prime.

Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is a user-friendly website which will provide you wide variety of content and will also give you access to latest movie and TV shows. Although the site provides all the content for free, they do shows ads.

Sites like 123movies - YesMovies - Hightechjigsaw

Website: https://yesmovies.to/

When it comes to law, this site contains the movies which are pirated, contrarily stolen and cam rip which means it is not legal to stream movies on this site but if you want good content you will definitely find on this site. The video quality available on this site varies from 360p to 1080p but most of the movies and TV series you will find will be in 720p which is pretty good for viewing a movie on a computer screen. Some of the latest movies available on this site are Alita: Battle Angel, Bumblebee, The Mule, and Wonder Park etc. All the features are available to you without signing up on their site.

Vex movies

123movies is also having an alternate in Vex movies. Vex movies is a website which provides you all the latest movies and TV series in very good quality. It is similar to 123movies to download good quality content free. There is multiple quality available for a single movie which means, you can switch to low resolution if you have a low speed internet speed. This website’s major benefit is that it does not have any ads on their site, so you just go ahead and watch the movie. The streams are available up to 1080p.

Sites like 123movies - Vexmovies - www 123movies com websites like 123movies

Website: http://vexmovies.org

The website doesn’t have any ads which create a suspicion that there can be some data sniffing as the website owners need to have an earning source. Most of the time, latest released movies are available on this site, while they are still running in theaters. This is a warning sign that these movies are not legal to download.  One of the best things about this website is that, you can surf this site on your mobile browsers as well making it very convenient to use.


Vumoo is one of the best alternatives you can get for 123movies. It is almost like Netflix but do not charge you any kind of monthly fee. You can find almost each and every latest movies and TV series episode on this site that too in a great viewing quality. Most of the movies and TV series on this site are in 720p. You are free to download and stream the movies on this site, although viewing them is not completely legal. Although it only includes the link from other websites which gives them a legal benefit.

123movies alternative - Vumoo - 123 movies com 123movies online

Website: http://vumoo.to/

For you to view movies and TV series on this site there is no need for signing up or entering any personal details. They provide you a very minimal user experience which is best for viewing purpose. Although they have popups and some suspicious links, you should be careful while clicking at any unnecessary place on the site.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a website from Sony providing completely free movie and TV series for streaming. Although the streaming is completely free, the video quality is not that great as other sites present on this list. On Sony Crackle, you will even find some original series from Sony Crackle, documentaries and some very fewer known series as well.  It has a very large variety of content available to stream. This is a free platform so it has ads on the site but it is pretty much less that traditional but for your kind attention, this site is only accessible in the US and Australian region.

123movies alternate - Sonycrackle - 123 movies com 123movies online 123movies online

Website: https://www.sonycrackle.com/

You will also not be able to download the movies and TV series from the Sony Crackle. It is available on a lot many devices like gaming consoles, mobile devices, computers etc.


Movies25 is another website on the list which has a around 70,000 movies and TV series and the collection is still growing. There are a lot of ways in which you can search the movies based on many filters like, latest, top rated, based on the release year etc. From their users, the website provides you access to a vast collection of movies and TV series, and the quality for the same is very good. Also, this website is accessible to all the users who have an internet connection with a supported web browser.

123movies alternate - Movies25 123movies free is 123movies safe 123movies is 123movies it

Website: https://www.movie25.me/

This website has advertisement on it but it is worth it. They provide you with the download link from 20 to 30 different websites which makes it very easy to go for another link.

Watch free

Watch free is one of the best website alternative to 123movies. They provide very greater variety of movies and TV series on their website. Although providing this variety of movies, they do not have their on own database, they just include links from all over the internet providing a very wide variety of quality for same movies.

WatchFree 123movies it 123 movies com is 123movies safe 123movies is

Website: http://watch-free.me/

The website provides you very nice interface which makes it very simple to search for the movies and they also have great category classification on their site. All you need to do is just find you’re the movie you want to watch and play it, there is no need to sign in. And all the content on this site is free.


PopcornFlix is almost similar to 123movie. They have a wide collection of movies and TV series with different genre like Thriller, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Drama etc. Like Showbox, they provide their own Android and iOS app which makes watching movies very portable. They keep on updating their database almost every day which means you will have access to all new movies and TV series. Also their platform is ads free which is a very huge plus point. And to watch movies here there is no need to go through any sign in process. They also allow you to create GIFs while you are watching movies on their video player.


Website: https://www.popcornflix.com/

The quality of movie available on this site may vary from a DVD print to a full HD 1080p print.


Gomovies is the site which resembles the most with 123movies. It has a wide variety of content available on their site and it is update very frequently to keep up with the new release. Video quality here is pretty good ranging from 480p to 1080p. You will be able to find most of the latest release here like The Crimes of Grindelwald. Searching out for new movies and TV series is very easy as they help you out with many sorting like latest, Top rated, even on the bases of top IMDb rating and they also have divided movies based on their genre.


Websites: https://www.gomovies.la/

You will be surprised that this fabulous site will display ads very rarely. User interface is pretty clean and clear which will help you watch the movies seamlessly without any interruption.


Zmovies is a very stunning website which allows you to stream movies and TV series and also has a huge database of movies and TV series. This website will provide you movies from Hollywood, Japanese and Bollywood making it a great choice for Indian users. The user experience on this site is pretty amazing as they do not have any ads running. Some of the latest movies which can be found on this site are Triple Threat, URI: The Surgical Strike, Us, A Dog’s Way Home and many more. The video quality of the movies is also good.


Website: http://zmovies.cc/

To get access to all this lovely things all you need to do is sign up for a free account. Listing of movies on this site is pretty well managed. They provide you sorting using the release year of the movie, latest release, genre etc.


Fmovies is another website which has a very good collection of movies and TV series including the Bollywood movies. They have all the latest movies running in theater on their site but the quality for most of them is a camera quality. Although this prints are then updated with the new HD quality print.


Website: https://www5.fmovie.cc/

But unlike many sites on this list, you need not to register on this site to watch movies. You will find very less ads on this website.


Cmovies is an interesting website which provides you the movies and TV series from countries like USA, India, UK and Canada. Movies from other countries are very less frequently added. The user interface for this site is very attractive as it has a carousel moving around showing you the hottest movie, latest movies running on their site. The most annoying thing about this site is that, it has a lot of popup ads which makes it necessary for you to have a pop up blocker on your browser. Sometimes you may be prompted to sign up to watch the movies on this site.


Website: http://w1.cmovieshd.bz/

The quality of the movies on this site may vary according to their release dates. The movie might have a cam print of 720p HD print. Some of the latest movies on this site are Us, Bumblebee, Alita: Battle Angel etc.

Show Box

It is another great alternative for 123movies. Although it is a little different as, you have to download the windows or android app of Showbox to stream the movies. The app is completely safe as it is ranked on the google play store making it a verified source. You will be able to find all the latest movies and TV series on this app.

Website: http://showbox-windows.com/

It is an application which means that you will not face much of the advertisement crap. Majority of the content you will find will be in 720p. The movies and TV series are very well organized which makes them finding using genre is applicable here.


YoMovies is a website which is all concentrated around Indian Cinema. It includes a wide variety of movies from Bollywood and Tollywood in different languages like, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, etc. It also has a collection of South Indian Dubbed movies.


Website: https://yomovies.io/

Although the site do not have their own database, they have very few broken links making it a good option to view movies from Indian cinema.


Movie4u provides amazing alternative to 123movies. Apart from its huge collection of movies and TV series, it has a clean and responsive user interface. You can search new movies using their sort by methods which include sort by date, country, latest uploads etc.


Website: https://movie4u.live/

If you are a fan of Hindi Dubbed movies, you will find them here. Although the site changes its address frequently, it is recommended that you download the movies you want to watch if you find them using any tool available.


Bmovies is another website like Cmovies and Fmovies which allows you to stream movies without any sign up process. They have a really great video quality of movies on their site. Even the site has many features which will help you find new movies like sort by release date, ratings, most viewed etc.


Website: https://bmovies.nl/

Bmovies is a lot more similar to Cmovies as they both have too many ads on their site making it advisable to use ad blockers. Some of the latest movies on this site are Us, Muse, Lazarat Burning! Etc.

Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner can be regarded as the best website if you want to see TV series. They update their database for latest TV series episode daily. When you first visit this site, you might not find it that attractive but the content on this site is just amazing. You can easily download or view the TV series online. The quality of the TV series episodes is also good enhancing your viewing experience. This site is a must try for all the TV series lovers as it doesn’t includes movies.

Website: https://www.couchtuner.cloud/

The links for the download are not hosted on their site but are directly taken from other sites due to which you might find some broken links.


HDO is one of my favorite sites as it has a great user interface which will allow you to sort movies and TV series based on different categories like latest release, genre of the movies, country etc. They also provide their suggestion list which might help you find some interesting movies. The quality of the movies may vary from a cam print to a HD 720p print. Although the newly released movies are uploaded in Cam print, but are then updated with HD prints once it is available.


Website: https://hdo.to/

Some of the latest movies on this sites are Captain Marvel, Us, A Dog’s Way Home etc. Another important thing about this website is that you can request a new movie if you don’t find it on their website.


5movies is a website with a huge collection of movies and TV series being updated regularly with the latest ones. They have a very interactive user experience with minimal amount of ads present on their site. They have many of the latest movies like Us, Run the Park, A Dog’s Way Home, Alita : Battle Angel etc.  The quality of the movies on this site is mostly HD 720p. Most of the new release are first uploaded in cam print but are then update with the new one.


Website: https://5movies.tv/

Searching for the new movies on this site is also quite easy as they have a search bar which will allow you to find the movies or TV series you want. You can even sort movies or searching them using the genre or the country it is from.

Solar Movies

Solar Movies is one of the best alternative to 123movies with wide variety of features. They have a huge collection of movies and TV series being updated regularly. They also have cartoons and Anime from different countries. You can filter out the content of their site based on Year of release, Genre, Country, etc. They even have the movies from the 1990s present on their site.  Some of the latest movies from their site are Captain Marvel, Triple Frontier, Captive State, Wonder Park etc. and some of the TV series are Dynasty Season 2 and Strike Back Season 7.


Website: https://solarmoviefree.me

They also include some of the latest Bollywood movies like URI :The surgical Strike. Also the quality of movies here is pretty nice making it a important choice for 123movies lover.


Primewire is the website which has one of the largest database of movies and TV series. You will be really amazed to see the quality and titles of movies present on this site. The user experience of this site is also pretty amazing. Their platform is really quick in providing response which in turn increase the viewing experience. They also provide you multiple ways to sort out movies present on their site like genre, date of upload, date of release, popularity and name as well.

Website: http://www.primewire.ag/

While using this site it is recommend that you use VPN service as it might get blocked by your country’s law restricting you from using this site.


Lookmovie is one of the website movie streaming site when it comes to user experience as the number of ads o this site is nearly zero. Also they have a pretty good collection of latest movies and TV series like Glass, Captain Marvel, Happy Death Day 2U etc. The quality of movies on this site is mostly average but the print they provide is enjoyable on small screens and sometimes even on a computer screen. This site allow you to search for movies based on the genre of movies and based on the date of upload. Their service is also good when it comes to playing movies online.


Website: https://lookmovie.ag/


Vmovee is a lot similar to Cmovies and Fmovies. It has a pretty latest collection of movies and TV series that to in a great video quality. Their website is very well organized which helps in finding out new movies and TV series very easily. You will find all the latest and popular movies nicely categorized under different tabs. Some of the latest movies on this site are Muse, Triple Threat, A Dog’s Way Home and many more.


Website: https://vmovee.cc/

This were the websites which are very much similar to 123movies. Hope you liked it. Bookmark this post as we keep updating the list with awesome resources.

Niter Movies

when you visit 123movies to download latest movies and TV series you may get redirected to various sites. Niter is an apt alternative to 123movies. It has a wide collection of free movies and TV shows that you can enjoy online.


Website: https://niter-movies.com/

The only con is that you need to sign up for a free account. Mostly the database is found to be updated regularly.


Find top movies in various categories like adventure, sci-fi, hacking movies,  horror, crime, romance, comedy, fantasy, history, mystery, drama, musicals, war, comic science fiction, hollywood, bollywood, ..etc. Discover the most popular movies and highest rated shows for free


Website: https://123freemovies.xyz/

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