In the contemporary digital world, an increasing number of web development languages surround us. As a web developer, you can come across a variety of choices to pick. Having said, we suggest businesses to discover more about web development languages so they know how a developer will be working on their project. In addition, this article will come into handy for those who are learning different web development languages and want to discover about them.

Below is a quick rundown providing you with the best web development languages in the 2018. This article comprises of the best development assets that are capable to enhance your web development skills. After reading this article, you will discover what language to rely on when building a website or e-commerce store. Read along to discover everything:

Object Oriented PHP

Object Oriented Programming allows a collection of individuals to collaborate hassle-freely. Through collecting information and usefulness into different objects, the programming language offers a structure to test individual pieces. This programming language adopts the best way to deal with app development in the PHP language making use of the objects, packages, templates, and much more.

Although JavaScript is a trending language, but PHP empowers more than 80 percent of websites on internet. Many leading websites including the Slack, Facebook, and Wikipedia utilize Object Oriented PHP.

In addition, PHP is a great option for those who are beginners in the field of web development. This programming language is becoming increasingly popular among the web development companies in the US. In essence, PHP serves as the server-side scripting language and a fantastic tool for creating dynamic and intuitive website pages. PHP is a widely used free of cost tool that works seamlessly.


WordPress serves as the open source website development solution created in the PHP. Let it be the non mainstream talk at the moment, but is certainly the best blogging and Content Management System. WordPress can be downloaded from and utilized for various development purposes.

WordPress was once utilized as a tool to create a blog, rather than websites. However, the situation is different now. Due to amendment in code, and WordPress’s massive and supportive community, a developer can perform changes on different kinds of website through using WordPress. Many Web Development Australia, Canada and US companies prefer using WordPress due to seamless features. Today, WordPress serves an innovation that is worth investing on when you are learning to code.


When talking about the web development languages, Laravel stands as the remarkable one. Since the beginning, Laravel has provided developers with an impressive way code. Laravel is a freemium and open source language based on PHP structure. The language is said to work best in creating best in class web apps for Modern View Controller (MVC) platform.  Since various highlights for Laravel apps are specific bundling framework bundled with a reliance supervisor, the language holds an introduction leading to syntactic sugar.

Laravel is created on the best practices of PHP structure and require companies to hire separate Laravel developers for their projects. The programming language serves as an open source PHP web development language for creating quality-rich apps in shortest span of time.


Vue.Js is a great alternative to React.js. If you are about to choose React, then think again as Vue.Js can offer considerable offering. Though Vue.JS can require efforts to learn, but it can produce rapid results in short span of time. A large number of companies are including Vue.Js to their preferred stack of programming languages, raging the interest to learn Vue.Js among a large number of programmers. The programming language was released in the 2013, and now holds more than 59,000 begins on the GitHub, making it one of the best web development technologies.

On another hand, Angular holds about 56,000+ stars on the GitHub. Just a multi-year aged structure has overcome its dominance, thus it can considered as a notable programming language in the modern-day. Having said, a developer can experiment using Vue.Js for the next project and discover if it serves the purpose in the best manner.


Shopify is a web-based platform offering developers to set up an online Ecommerce store. The language is relatively easy to learn, and allows developers to tweak facades, acknowledge card charge, and track orders through a click of mouse. Shopify is a comprehensive language. Interestingly, a large number of websites are built on Shopify. Through a monthly plan, a developer can build an online Ecommerce store, offer, and ship products. The language has become popular due low-cost and simple interface.

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