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Skype, a telecommunication application software product that allows video chats and voice chats between computers, tablet, Xbox, smartphone or any other media via the internet. Skype is an advanced means of communication often used for business purposes, a completely reliable source of communication. The world is dynamic. Everything and everyone has its competitor fighting for the first spot. What if Skype goes down? Even wandered about the alternatives? There is a large number of video calling apps one can use instead of Skype. These apps can be of great use once used correctly. Let us have a look at the world’s finest VOIPs and coolest apps that can make a major impact in the communication world.

  1. Viber

Founded by Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik, the Viber media is one of the oldest competitors of Skype. With its instant messaging and video calling features it has been rated as the best alternative of Skype. In order to get operated, it requires one telephone number. It was initially launched for iPhone users giving a direct competition to Skype, on December 2, 2010. However, it was on for android users by July 19, 2012. It was soon seen compatible for any user of the internet. At the moment it has over 800 million users and is probably the biggest competitor of Skype.

  1. Hangouts

A Google application developed for messaging, video calling, SMS and VOIP features across two or more users, hangouts is probably the biggest threat to skype after Viber. It allows talks between two or more users through the GMAIL or Google+ websites or by apps of mobile available for IOS and Android. It’s pretty easy to use. With a user-friendly interface its way to fun using this feature.

  1. Signal

Another cool app providing the features one needs to communicate, Signal is available for both IOS and Android users. Like the others, it also uses the internet to send the message to a single person or more. For any android user, it can also be used as an SMS app. It does have a desktop version available for macOS,  Windows and Linux users. It is used for communication purpose based on internet or data connection. This app also supports group messaging.

  1. Voca

An ad-free service designed for communication between people, Voca provides messaging and calling features without a subscription. It has an awesome calling interface. It can be the best substitute for Skype seeing its awesome featuring option. It is easy to use and consists of all the best VoIP options.

  1. Whatsapp

One of the very common messaging and VoIP service of Facebook, Whatsapp is very famous with millions of user. It provides easy chatting features including video calling and a day sharing option, making it one of the toughest competitor for Skype. It is one an awesome app available for both phones and desktop. Very reliable with the awesome user interface, Whatsapp is preferred by millions of people and is certainly a threat to Skype.

  1. Jitsi

Jitsi is a free messaging and video calling application available at the web platform. It is an open source for video conferencing available for Android, macOS, Windows and Linux operators. Just a single click is enough to add members to the video conferencing. It can be for sure of great use.

  1. Ring

Another application best suited for communication among two or more people, Ring is yet another application featuring messaging and video calling options. The ring is especially for those people who take security seriously. It is compatible with almost all web operators.


If simplicity is what you want, you should probably try out this amazing application. It does not require anything to download or even sign up making it really easy to use for the operators. Here you can create room, add your friends and the rest is fun.

  1. IMO

Another competitor for Skype may be the user-friendly graphics-based IMO with serious communicating features. It is really easy to use. Like WhatsApp, it does have an option where you can keep what you did in your day no matter if it is picture or video.

  1. LINE

The line is an app for instant communications and video calling options. Line users exchange texts and messages. It is compatible for Android, iOS, Windows or Linux user. The interface is pretty easy to use, making it an easy means of communication.

Skype at the moment is the most used telecommunication application software but for how long? Will we face a day when the most famous VoIP of all time will go down? Well, the world is changing and so is technology. It may happen but it will not be that easy. Will Skype ever go down, well you never know.

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