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Converting documents from PDF to Word could prove to be extremely cumbersome at times. The advantage of having your file in a PDF format is that it is non-editable therefore it will remain the same across all formats. The disadvantage follows a similar route, since you are not able to edit your files on the go and Word remains the only possible solution for this.

Therefore, there is a dire need for PDF to Word document converters which can ease up your work and save your time as well. Fortunately, there are many of these software and free online converters available that can keep your system up and running for instantaneous doc conversion. Below given are 8 of the best free PDF to Word Converters that are out there which keeps your document format intact without any issues.



WPS has been around the block for quite some time now and they have been very successful in creating software catering to be a suitable replacement for Microsoft Office. Furthermore, they have created this intuitive tool called WPS PDF to Word Converter which focuses on giving impressive results without damaging any of your content. It is very simple to use since you just need to drag and drop your target file into the main screen of the product. It will then ask you the medium of word format in which it needs to be converted like DOC, DOCX or the RTF formats. It has been well received by many customers around the world and it is one of the best tools out there.


This is a free web application which employs a unique method in converting your PDF files to Word. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it functions just like that by identifying and scanning your file to check if it is there in the correct format or not. It can also be used to scan documents and original files alike so that you can convert them later on. The free version of the Online OCR is capable of converting files up to 5GB, you can just choose your file, pick the conversion document type, solve a CAPTCHA and you can have a file ready instantly.


Nitro PDF to Word Converter is another one of the tools that is great and very intuitive to use. It comes in two versions, first one is the desktop version which comes with an application that you need to download and you would also need to pay for the services. The second one is an online version wherein you can upload your documents one after the other if you wish to and accordingly choose the format you want it to convert into. It has a unique feature that you will receive your converted files via email. The only significant drawback for this application would be when you are uploading files with heavy images which might not turn out as well as you need.


This is a desktop application which is sorely needed when you are converting documents of this importance. This cuts back the upload and download speeds in drastic amounts when you want your files on the fly and without any third-party interference. You would be able to convert maximum 3 pages on the go at one time, and if you are a heavy user then you should opt in for the premium version of the application. The results came out beautifully when converted with only little bits of dents and scratches in the text format.


As the name suggests, this acts as an all-purpose tool to suit your needs since it converts much more than the usual PDF to Word formats. You can convert a file at a time and thereby download the converted files through the link that appears a short while later. There were issues whilst converting the said formats since there were some chips and dents in terms of text formatting. You might find unusual line breaks here and there but apart from that it serves its purpose well.


Foxit is another tool which provides multi-purpose file converters online if you need them quick and fast. If you want a free version, then you would be able to do it online by selecting your file and converting it directly. If you want a dedicated application to do this for you then it will cost a fee wherein you would be able to create, merge, edit, sign, review and protect your PDF files.


This is the very first search result you get when you search in for free PDF to word converters. Compared to some of the other converters this is by far the simplest and the most convenient one among all of them. You might face formatting issues from time to time but it functions great on normal PDF files without any kind of image detailing.


As per the functionality standpoint works great on nominal sized PDF files. The website’s user interface is not exactly designed with respect to the general aesthetics but it does your work without any hassles. You can put any number of pages ranging from 1 to 100 and download it through the link instantly.


With a mountainous task such as conversion of PDF to Word files, you need a tool that is convenient, reliable and easy to use from the functional perspective. All of the above converters give you their own set of features and specifications for your usage. What you choose, is up to you.

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