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iOS is a mobile operating system by Apple Inc. It is exclusively for their hardware and runs on many Apple’s devices.  Today’s electronics market has cutthroat competition, yet Apple has a distinct and loyal fan base.  Smart devices such as iPhone and iPads have many iOS apps inbuilt to help you get most out of your devices. Below we have compiled a list of iOS apps, which are most popular as all-time best apps. You should try these iOS apps, and we are sure you will find most of them useful.

Top 12 iOS Apps of all time hightechjigsaw

  1. Scheduled

First one is scheduled. What this app lets you do is simple. You can Schedule a message that you might want to send via your favourite messaging services like imessage, or SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger,etc. To create a message simply select Create Message complete the corresponding Fields like to whom you want to send it to?, when you want to send it?, or do you want to repeat that or not. When everything is completed, you are good to go. Now phone will send you notification “Ready to Go”, and you can select that and can message instantly in case you forget. Other features also include – Import your contacts birthdays, Auto Send imported birthdays, Select multiple recipients, Repeat messages,  Snooze messages, Skip messages, Archive messages, Delete Messages, etc.

  1. AppValley

Among the millions of available apps for iOS devices you have to use Apple app store to download. Sometimes you might not find a particular app that you are looking for in apple app store. In this third party platform you will get loads of apps and one thing which makes it different from Apple app store is the availability of hacked and Mod apps. For more information you can visit official appvalley site.

  1. TV Time

This is the perfect app for those who are TV buffs and need some way to track all their favourite shows.  With the help of this iOS app, you can track all the TV Shows, which you are currently watching, unlock information and content information about each episode, and track the episodes that you might need to catch up. You can also track when your latest episodes are scheduled. You can also get the Recommendation tab where you get different shows on basis of reviews, comments, and shows you are interested.

  1. Stack AR

Next up is the game called Stack AR. It is a pretty simple and addictive game and Millions of people play this game in their leisure time. The goal is obvious, you need to stack incoming blocks onto one another without missing. You need to match the block exactly straight otherwise, you get cut off the left portion of block and the blocks get smaller and smaller, and difficulty level will increase as you move forward in game. Of course faster you stack faster the block comes. This is Super fun and it is a great way to kill time. There is also an Augmented Reality portion of the Game.

  1. Tempmail

Next up we have an app called Tempmail. Tempmail is an awesome app for those who sign up for lot of subscriptions or services and do not want their email address to get that Spam emails from Other Services. Therefore, all you need to do is open this app and you get the randomly generated email address available. Use this as the sign up email for all your subscriptions and Services and everything will be sent to this email address. You need to confirm your email id in order to use that auto generated temporary email address. From this, you can download emails, delete it or view the email.

  1. Pacemaker

Speaking of your favorite Music, pacemaker is essentially your way of creating a Mix tape consisting of all your favorite tracks. Now this a different way of creating playlist than on Spotify. You may import your favorite Playlists from Spotify and Pacemaker will either find a right flow of your playlist and mix that automatically so that your track flow to one another or you can work with app and you can do that yourself. You can add various effects and mess around with the EQ. Once you have the Mixtape created you can share the same within the app, so that people can listen to it and vice versa. We really recommend this app for the Clear, Simple and minimalist look as compared to overall use.

  1. Skywall

Skywall is the Wallpaper app of choice and has a ton of different wallpapers organized into different categories. Scroll through the never-ending list of the wallpapers and simply tap on the wallpaper you like. Then either save it or Share it or Make it the wallpaper of your mobile phone. We are confident that you can find the Wallpapers, which typically fill your need and goes well with your personality.

  1. GroupMe

For those who find themselves participating in a ton of group chats, GroupMe makes it easier to keep track of them all. You can name your groups, set avatars, and save your photos and videos within the group chats to refer back to later.

  1. Slack

Slack is the premier messaging app for teams and companies, allowing for clear communication throughout every level of your organization. Slack instantly synchronizes across all devices and is compatible with dozens of other apps and services (like Dropbox) to make your job simpler and easier.

  1. Kitchen Stories

There are loads of cooking apps on iOS, but Kitchen Stories goes a step further than most with features like video guides, step-by-step photo instructions, and compatibility with Apple’s tvOS, as well as WatchOS for syncing shopping lists. You can create custom cookbooks to save your favourite recipes, read informative articles designed to inspire your next meal, and take advantage of a handy built-in measurement converter. Better yet, Kitchen Stories is available in 12 languages.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is changing the scenario for the entire music industry. It’s free on PCs and tablets, but $10 a month if you want to fully use it on iPhone. It is worth it. You can listen to full albums and create playlists of your favourite tracks.

  1. iBooks

Pending update since 2013, we had to include Apple’s native eBook reading app. The app connects with social media platforms like Facebook so you can share your thoughts on your favourite novel.

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