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Facebook has refreshed its advancements rules to enable brands to run Facebook challenges on their Fan Page Timelines. With these new Facebook advancement rules, brands would now be able to acknowledge “challenge passages” by requesting that fans like, remark, or message the page. While this is a gigantic chance to drive mark commitment, numerous organizations are attempting to think of Facebook challenge thoughts for their fan page courses of events.

A few Facebook application organizations propelled the capacity to send out a .csv of preferences and remarks to help entrepreneurs exploit these progressions.

30 Facebook contest ideas - Hightechjigsaw

Brands are asking this question

These new rules however have brought up the accompanying issue.

“With numerous incredible devices to oversee likes and remarks, how would you approach guaranteeing that Facebook Timeline Contest you post really gets commitment?”

The notices beneath are intended to rouse you with thoughts that exploit the new Facebook changes and make and drive commitment.

30 Facebook Timeline Contest Ideas

  • We’re nearly to 40,000 fans. Snap get a kick out of the chance to celebrate! The 100th like will get a free [INCENTIVE]
  • Remark “Coupon” underneath to get 20% off your next buy at [FAN PAGE NAME]. Enter before 5pm EST tomorrow!
  • We’d love becoming acquainted with you and also your closest companion knows you! Leave a remark beneath and connect a photo of you and your closest companion for your opportunity to win [INCENTIVE]. We’ll pick a victor at twelve PST tomorrow.
  • Remark beneath for your opportunity to win a free T-Shirt: The best sort of [INSERT] is _____________. Get the most likes on your remark by 2pm EST tomorrow to win!
  • Remark beneath, what year was [FAN PAGE NAME] established in? The primary individual to get it right gets [INCENTIVE]
  • On a scale 0-10+ what do you think about our new item presented beneath? The individual who leaves the best input in the remarks will win the item thoroughly free! Victor picked at 2pm EST tomorrow.
  • Who is energized for Winter? Like this post for your opportunity to win [INCENTIVE]. We’ll pick a champ at 1pm EST tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow is our half in store deal! Snap like for your opportunity to win your whole buy, free (max $500). We’ll pick a victor at 9am EST tomorrow!
  • We’re propelling another menu thing and need your input. Remark underneath and reveal to us what fixing you figure we should add to the menu thing presented beneath. The victor will get a free year of the menu thing! We’ll declare the champ on our fan page at 2pm EST tomorrow.
  • Incidental data: what number fortune 500 brands do we work with? Remark beneath with your figure for an opportunity to win a free $500 benefit design! Victor will be reported at 1pm EST tomorrow.
  • Snap “Like” on the off chance that you can hardly wait for the end of the week. At 2pm EST tomorrow we’re picking a victor who’ll get an end of the week trip for two to Myrtle Beach!
  • Inscription this! Remark underneath with your thought. The remark that gets the most likes will win a [INCENTIVE]. Champ will be picked tomorrow at 5pm EST.
  • Think about what number of Jelly Beans are in the jug presented beneath. The individual who remarks nearest to the real sum will win a free year of Jelly Beans! Victor picked at 5pm EST tomorrow.Pro Tip: Get a photo of whatever your item is with “a great deal” of the item included. This could be your new books stacked on a bookshelf in case you’re a writer or 100’s of sets of shoes in case you’re Nike. Request that your fans figure #’s. Its snappy, quick, and simple for them to take an interest.
  • On a size of 0-10+ what amount do you cherish [ENTER BUSINESS NAME]. Tomorrow at 2pm EST we’ll pick our greatest fan and will include them in our cover photograph!
  • Enter your twitter handle in the remarks underneath. The individual who remarks with the most adherents will win a Free T-Shirt! We’ll pick the champ at 3pm EST tomorrow.
  • The previous evening we played an epic show at The Sycamore Deli. Snap ‘LIKE’ on the off chance that you were there (or wish you were!) for an opportunity to win a free CD!
  • Preparing for Halloween! Post a photo of your ensemble in the remarks for an opportunity to win [INCENTIVE]. Champ will be picked tomorrow at 5pm EST.
  • What will the score of today around evening time’s diversion be between the Eagles and Redskins? The nearest figure will win [INCENTIVE]. Victor will be reported at 8am tomorrow morning on our fan page.
  • When you were a child what you need to be the point at which you grew up? Offer your fantasy in the remarks to win [INCENTIVE]. We’ll pick a victor at twelve EST on Friday.
  • Tap on this photo and tap ‘L’ on your console for an opportunity to win [INCENTIVE] imply: tapping L ‘enjoys’ the photograph 😉 The 100th like wins!
  • What number some espresso is too much? Remark underneath for an opportunity to win a $10 Starbucks gift card to encourage that caffeine fixation 🙂 Winner will be picked at 9am EST tomorrow (that is, whether you’ve had your espresso and are conscious)
  • What did you do this previous end of the week? Offer a photograph that you took in the remarks – picture with the most ‘preferences’ will be our included cover photograph for whatever remains of the week! Challenge closes on Monday at 11am PST.
  • On the off chance that I could be anyplace on the planet at the present time, I would be in __________________. Offer your most loved getaway goal for an opportunity to win! Champ will be picked at twelve EST tomorrow!
  • Who is the principal character to absolute any sort of discourse in the first Star Wars? Figure the correct answer and you could win this Darth Vader shirt! Champ will be picked at 9pm EST tomorrow!
  • Who is the main MLB player to hit a grand slam in his initial two World Series at-bats? Offer the correct answer and you could win tickets to the 2013 World Series! We’ll pick the fortunate victor at twelve EST tomorrow. Inquire on our fan page divider to check whether you won!
  • My main tune is ________ by _______. Post your main tune and craftsman beneath and win tickets to the following show! We’ll pick a victor from the remarks at 5pm on Wednesday!
  • In the event that you could eat just a single thing from our menu for 365 days, what might it be? Offer with us for your opportunity to win a giftcard! Victor will be reported at 3pm EST on Tuesday!
  • My most loved activity at the shoreline is _______. Offer your most loved shoreline day diversion with us, and you could win a trek to Cancun for Spring Break! Giveaway closes at 4pm EST tomorrow.
  • Who was the principal space traveler to go into space? Answer effectively, and you could win tickets to the Air and Space historical center downtown! Challenge closes at 5pm EST tomorrow.
  • “A woodwind without openings isn’t a woodwind. A doughnut without an opening, is a Danish.” – ?? Name who said this statement and from what film, and you could win a [INCENTIVE]! We’ll present the champ on our divider at 5pm EST tomorrow.

Sentence architecture for high converting Facebook contests

For brands hoping to make Facebook challenges that’ll get likes and remarks on their brands timetable, you can take after the recipe underneath and it’ll work inevitably.

  • Invitation to take action
  • Motivation
  • Consummation Time
  • Standards and Regulations

This will keep the Facebook Timeline Contest centered and mark particular for best outcomes.


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