1. Smart Invert

The very innovative feature had been launched for IOS users which turns your white screen to black screen with neon color shades. You just need to go to your display accommodations and turn on the smart invert and there you go now you have a new hidden dark mode option.


  1. Share your Wifi passwords within no time

Now you don’t have to write such long passwords and complicated passwords on your ios devices. You can now share your personal hotspot password with the help of airdrop. If the devices are running on ios 11 it’ll work. Even in  Mac OS it is supported.

  1. Draw on your Screenshots

This is was most awaited update as apple assumes that people who usually take screenshots would always like to edit them. So, right away when you  take a screenshot on the left bottom you see the area where you can edit your screenshot in no time with a numerable tools.

  1. New control center

Control center has been developed again into a one page instead of two which was a real mess, As we expected now even the control center is customizable but you can’t remove following options from the control center:

  • Cellular data, Wifi, or Bluetooth
  • Airplay or Airdrop
  • Personal hotspot
  • Airplane mode
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Rotation lock or Music controls
  1. Flashlight have intensity option

When you press the flashlight icon for long in  the control center. Instead of having three option of intensity (Low, Medium, High) there’s another option which is the fourth one (extra high). This feature in my opinion is really cool and interesting.

  1. Record your screen without your Mac

There’s all new option of screen recorder which you can find in the control center itself. That means you no longer need third party apps which include so much of ads and don’t even work well.

  1. Airplane mode KNOWS how to recall

Now, in ios 11, airplane mode always remember that when you turn on the flight mode it turns off the wifi, bluetooth and cellular data option, also when you turn off the flight mode it turn on the wifi, bluetooth, and cellular data by itself. Earlier we used to turn it on manually.

  1. keyboard can be used by one hand

 We usually are too tired to write on keyboard with two hands, apple realized that       many iphone users have started downloading third party apps. With the new update everyone has one handed typing mode. This simply is amazing you can now turn your keyboard to left or right side so you don’t don’t need to stretch your thumb that far.

  1. Send and receive through pay cash

Through messages you can now directly send cash from your credit or debit card to friends and relatives. Also, people can send you money which can be transferred to your bank account. This feature is currently available in ios 11.2.

  1. New effect in for imessages

You are truly going to love the new update in ios 11 as there are echo and spotlight effects which can change your background to new colors. Also, all your imessages can be stored in icloud.

  1. App got its new look

It has got teemed with new apps ,Games, ratings and reviews. Also, these columns got there new look. With the new update developers can even respond to reviews which is very cool thing to notice.

  1. File manager app has been introduced

Apple’s file manager is the newest update in the ios 11 as it include the icloud drive app, google drive, dropbox, and box installed. Earlier this feature was only present on ipad but now it is also there on your iphone.

  1. In- built Qr code scanner

Say bye bye to all the third party QR  scanner apps because it no needed anymore, apple has introduced another big feature via the camera app you can scan various QR codes. All you need to do is just place the camera in front of the camera it matters whether it takes you to safari link or adds contact in the contact list.

  1. GIFs are now pretty supported in iphone and you can drag and drop

Earlier the gif images showed up to be still images but now they will animate and appear in separate album called “Animated”, “Drag and drop” is another feature which is really cool this means you can drag and drop the pictures from one album to another.

  1. Trim and send Live pictures

You can now trim your original live pictures with help of slider and you can revert if you want with the edit menu. An amazing feature which flocked around my mind was we can now share these beautiful live photos to android users as well.

  1. Facetime got updates

We can now take live photos when having a facetime video isn’t it amazing? Also, we have a brand new audio for outgoing calls on facetime.

  1. Disable notifications preview for apps

This means you can now hide the notification preview on your lock screen and when you enable this setting you will just get the body which says “notification”.

  1. SOS feature is now available

Sos feature has been released in India for now but you have to click the power button 5 times to start an emergency call to 101. Also, when ios 11 launches it will be available in us as well.

  1. Calculator got a new look

Calculator got a  new look outside and inside it’s theme has been changed to orange and black with circular buttons. Also icons of various apps got changed like the notes, reminders, and itunes etc.

  1. Move multiple items and slight change in battery icon

You can move multiple apps from one home screen to another. However, battery icon on the screen got its new look.

  1. Assistive touch new options

Assistive touch got its new option where you can add more than five icons.

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